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Issue Date 26 Dec 2019
Due Date 14 Feb 2020 @ 11:00am
Project Title Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Facility Renovation Phase II
Description The Project consists of the construction and renovation of the existing ARFF building. 1. Selective Demolition: There will be some limited demolition to the existing structure to allow for the new renovation and additions. The demolition generally consists of removal of all the exterior windows and doors, partial demolition of existing load-bearing walls and exterior walls, and the removal of the roof structure over the apparatus bays of the lower level. 2. Renovation: The entire upper floor will be renovated and portion of the lower level will require construction as part of the new work on the upper level. New additions will be constructed over the existing lower level.
Project ID 19ITB729836K-JAJ
Category Construction
Team K
Solicitation Document Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Facility Renovation Phase II
Addendum 1 ONE-19ITB729836K-JAJ.pdf
Addendum 2 TWO-19ITB7299836K-JAJ.pdf
Addendum 3
Addendum 4
Addendum 5
Drawing DRAWINGS.pdf
Sign In Sheet Pre-bid Conference Sign-in Sheet.pdf
Dept Alias Public Works
Type Bid
Bid Contact James A. Jones
Contact Email
Contact Phone 404-612-5818
Tabulation Sheet TAB - 19ITB729836K-JAJ.pdf
Award Recipient(s)
Award Recipient(s)
Award Recipient(s)
Cancellation Letter
Award Date
Last Update 20 Feb 2020
Notes A pre-bid conference will be held at 11:00 A.M., Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 3977 Aviation Circle ist Floor Training Room.
Status Under Review